Is PressForward a publishing platform (like InDesign, WordPress, or Open Journal Systems, etc.)?

PressForward is not itself a publishing platform. We are developing a suite of WordPress plugins to facilitate the aggregation, curation, and redistribution of content collected from the open web via RSS feeds. The first plugin, simply called PressForward, is an RSS aggregator for the backend of WordPress.


What does the PressForward plugin do exactly?

The PressForward plugin lets you aggregate your RSS feeds within your WordPress installation in order to facilitate the redistribution of that content. The plugin offers an interface to manage your RSS subscriptions, review the incoming content, “nominate” content for editorial review before republishing, and then create a draft of this new item in your regular WordPress dashboard.


Is the PressForward plugin a replacement for Google Reader?

It depends. If you used Google Reader to review content for redistribution on your own website, then you might find PressForward a useful replacement. The PressForward plugin allows you to review aggregated content within your own WordPress site and then publish it directly on your own website.


Can you publish my journal/book/article?

We are not a publisher in the traditional sense. We have initiated experimental publications to develop various methods and tools for surfacing, reviewing, and redistributing scholarly content on the open web. We can assist scholarly communities interested in developing their own web-first publications, but we do not work with individual authors.