Plugin featured on, a British publication for the journalism profession, has profiled the new Pressforward plugin. Reporter Alastair Reed interviewed developer Aram Zucker-Scharff and project director Joan Fragaszy Troyano for background on the development of the plugin, as well as a description of its features.

Plugin Beta Now Available

The PressForward Plugin is a tool for aggregating and curating content from the web from within a WordPress dashboard. It is designed to support bloggers and editorial teams who wish to aggregate and share content from a variety of sources.

THATCamp Publishing!

THATCamp Publishing is a free, one-day unconference on June 19 open to publishers, librarians, faculty and students, archivists, museum professionals, interested amateurs, technologists, administrators, and funders from the nonprofit and for-profit sectors — any and all who want to advance scholarly publishing in and for a digital age.