Digital Humanities Now nominated for DH Award

PressForward's experimental publication Digital Humanities Now is in the running for an inaugural Digital Humanities Award: Recognizing Excellence in Digital Humanities. Both nominations and final award decisions are open for a public vote, and overseen by an international nominations committee. Voting is open to all through February 17 and we'd appreciate your vote!

Project Briefing Available

This presentation provides an overview of current efforts to distribute and evaluate scholarly work available on the open web, and an explanation of the experimental methods behind PressForward’s Digital Humanities Now and Journal of Digital Humanities. It also includes a preview of the open source adaptations to WordPress software that PressForward is developing to enable scholarly communities to easily aggregate, select, and credit work published on the open web.

Journal of Digital Humanities

With this fourth issue we wrap up the first year of the Journal of Digital Humanities, and with it, our first twelve months of attempting to find and promote digital scholarship from the open web using a system of layered review. The importance of assessment and the scholarly vetting process around digital scholarship has been foremost in our minds, as it has in the minds of many others this year. As digital humanities continues to grow and as more scholars and disciplines become invested in its methods and results, institutions and scholars increasingly have been debating how to maintain academic rigor while accepting new genres and the openness that the web promotes.