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Ant, Spider, Bee

Our mission is to engage academics and practitioners in exploration, discussion, and reflection about digital practices, methodologies, and applications in environmental humanities work. In fact, the name Ant Spider Bee refers to Francis Bacon’s metaphor about ways of “handling” science: The men of experiment are like the ant, they only collect and use; the reasoners... Read more »

Arceli was created in recognition that the Internet allows astronomers to publish useful material outside of traditional journals but does not yet provide an effective mechanism for these communications to be archived, indexed and cited. Arceli acts as a facilitator for archiving communications on behalf of authors and providing a structure that the NASA/SAO Astrophysics... Read more »

CASW Showcase

The Council for the Advancement of Science Writing publishes Showcase in order to highlight the best of science writing and, in the process, teach and inspire science writers what great work in science journalism looks like. In order to do so, Showcase uses the PressForward plugin, with heavy reliance on the bookmarklet, to work with... Read more »

PLoS Collections

The Public Library of Science, PLoS, is a non-profit, open access publisher that produces a suite of journals dedicated to providing free, accessible scholarship to scientists in a variety of fields. PLoS Collections aggregates content from across the PLoS journals in order to, “provide structured access to papers of interest in the PLoS corpus and... Read more »

Oregon Health and Science University

Oregon Health and Science University has collaborated with Montana State University to create Radian Data, a curated site dedicated to increasing the discovery of and access to data resources. A hub for information about data science, data visualization, data management, data policy and applications of data, Radian Data uses the PressForward plugin and a group of... Read more »

Deep-Sea Biology Society

The Deep-Sea Biology society re-launched its website using its PressForward funding and support. The new version of the site utilizes PressForward to aggregate news of interest to the society and enable volunteer editors to review and publish that content. The Deep-Sea Biology Society’s original website was founded by a group of deep-sea biologists interested in providing their... Read more »

HABRI Central

HABRI Central connects a diverse group of researchers, practitioners, and policymakers interested in understanding the human-animal bond. This audience then uses the information and connections provided by HABRI Central to share knowledge within the scientific community. By incorporating a PressForward-based workflow and curation process, HABRI serves that community by providing content and important commentary on... Read more »

Citizen Science Today

Published monthly, Citizen Science Today is an online publication dedicated to work that highlights or depends upon the work of non-professionals in the scientific process. Citizen Science relies on volunteers to contribute to a variety of research projects, often using digital platforms like Zooniverse, an affiliated citizen science platform. The popularity and success of citizen... Read more »


MicroBEnet is an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation-funded project that emerged out of Jonathan A. Eisen’s lab at the University of California-Davis. Focused on the microbiology of the built environment, microBEnet works to foster communication and collaboration in microbiological research among interested researchers and members of the public. Using PressForward, Eisen’s lab has worked with collaborators, including Hal... Read more »

STEM Diversity Network

UW-Madison’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences‘ STEM Diversity Network is designed to connect students and faculty members and keep underrepresented students, faculty, and staff up-to-date with relevant articles and news items. Using PressForward as an aggregator, the Network can filter and curate articles about science, diversity, and other related issues that are directly connected with... Read more »

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