A New Look for PressForward 3.5

We are excited to announce the release of PressForward 3.5, the latest version of our free WordPress plugin for collecting, discussing, and sharing online scholarship. This latest release includes significant updates and changes to the user interface, new features and enhancements, and a few bug fixes–all designed to make best practices for sharing online content easier and more intuitive. In addition to a streamlined interface and individual user preferences, new features include a “send to draft” button, a more visible “Nominate This” bookmarklet, new sorting and filtering options, and more.

Improved User Interface
PressForward 3.5 responds to users’ requests for a simpler, more intuitive interface. More granular controls over user preferences for navigating content, improved access to tools such as the “Nominate This” bookmarklet, a sticky navigation menu, and new methods for handling the browser “back” button combine to make the user experience sorting through aggregated content easier and more enjoyable.

The All Content page features improved navigation, filtering, sorting, and searching.

The All Content page features improved navigation, filtering, sorting, and searching.

Now, each user in PressForward can access individual preferences for viewing content. They can switch between “infinite scroll” or “paginated” views of items in All Content, which can be displayed in either a grid or list format. Once selected, preferences will stick to the users profiles every time they log in. The “Nominate This” bookmarklet now appears as the first item in the All Content page, making it easier for users to add it to their browser’s bookmark toolbar. Once dismissed, the “Nominate This” bookmarklet can always be found again on the “Tools” page. Additionally, a help button has been added to the navigation menu, directing users back to our extensive User Guide.

Items in the All Content and Nominated pages can be sorted and filtered using drop-down menus. A user’s sorting and filtering methods will become visible in a breadcrumb trail at the top of each page to remind users of their selections. As users scroll through content, the navigation bar with filter, sort, search, and folder options will remain visible at the top of the window when the user is not in “full screen” mode.


PressForward contributors and administrators have more control over individual preferences.

New Features & Enhancements
PressForward 3.5 improves how site contributors share content and how administrators manage user roles and access to content.  For site administrators, the Amplify button allows items in All Content to be sent directly to Draft. URLs of items are checked against known aggregation services to determine the item’s canonical URL. On the Submitted Feeds page, RSS/Atom feeds default to an alphabetical listing, but now they can also be resorted according to the date an item was last retrieved, as well as when the feed was last accessed by the reader. Furthermore, site administrators have access to a tabbed Preferences page, which allows them to set permissions for user roles within PressForward. With the help of additional text descriptions for each setting, administrators can adjust users access to preferences and set site-wide preferences for features such as how many months to retain content, internal commenting, and ability to send items to Draft.

Bug Fixes

In the most recent version, duplicate content and linking features for paginated and infinite scroll views are repaired. Using the browser’s “back” button while in the individual article view will no longer refresh the All Content page, and tooltips function consistently across all buttons.

See below for a full listing of all new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, or you can check out our GitHub repository for more information.


New Features

  • Now checks for known aggregation services to insure proper resolution of URLs.
  • Created the Amplify dropdown button in the actions bar.
  • Added button to share to Twitter to the Amplify dropdown.
  • Added button to Amplify to send from All Content directly to draft.
  • Allows feed URLs to be changed via Quick Edit.
  • Breadcrumb titling for All Content and Nominated.
  • Added help button to menu.
  • Allows users to decide if they want the right menu displayed and turn it off by default.
  • Allows users to set Grid or List and have the system remember it as a user preference.
  • Allows users to set infinite scroll or pagination and have the system remember it as a user preference.
  • Adds search to the navigation menu on scroll-down.
  • New tabbed settings page, with user access to tabs based on user roles.
  • Allows administrators to control tab access with settings.
  • Allows users to always access their settings regardless of level.
  • Allows feeds to be sorted by the last time they were retrieved.


  • For clarity, changed Last Retrieved column title to Last Time Item Retrieved.
  • Added OG URL tag to forwarded pages.
  • Updated Readability script to detect Medium.
  • Updated Readability script to retrieve pages using File Get Contents when no other methods work.
  • Separated out a number of template functions into their own class.
  • Attach the navbar on scroll.
  • Moved Refresh button to Tools.
  • Better assure that the system retrieves open graph images and sets them as Featured Images.
  • Set up functions to better detect current page.
  • Set up a debug function for displaying current page.
  • If WordPress installs are greater than 4.0, all feeds not in folders will display under folders.
  • Set default sort for Feeds to alphabetical.
  • Moved the source and byline to the head of the current article modal.
  • Moved Nominate This to the Tools menu.
  • Added Nominate This as a source for the Feeds menu.
  • Added a Nominate This prompt for first-time users to the All Content menu.
  • Allows administrators to control the display of comments based on user level.
  • Open modal now counts as a hashed page state.
  • Pressing the browser back button while viewing an open modal will close the modal, not go to the previous page.
  • Compressed filtering options into a dropdown in the navbar.
  • Opening a modal to read an item will now only set the item to Read, it will never unset the Read property.
  • Added a column to the Feeds area to indicate last time the feed was retrieved.
  • The Folders sidebar now scrolls separately from the main page and is always fully available.
  • Clarify what exactly dismissing alerts does. (It sets those feeds to Inactive.)
  • Better descriptions of most settings.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a variety of user action responses so actions are clearer.
  • Fullscreen script patched to 1.2
  • Fixed occasional content duplication on infinite scroll, when retrieval was active.
  • Flipped infobox to display over the action bar.
  • No hidden items in modal navigation.

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