Announcing the Next Phase of PressForward!

The PressForward team is pleased to announce that the PressForward project has been awarded a three-year, $736,042 grant by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. PressForward, launched in 2011 by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, is an innovative scholarly communication research project that is researching methods and developing technologies to facilitate scholarly communication in digital spaces. In 2014 we released the PressForward plugin, a free and open-source plugin for the WordPress platform that uses innovative technical tools to aggregate, select, discuss, curate, and disseminate scholarship from across the web.  This is the third phase of the ongoing project, which will continue until November 2018.  Phase 3 will see PressForward adopted by new partners in the sciences and increased outreach workshops and trainings that demonstrate the plugin for scholarly communication communities.

The PressForward 2 grant led to the successful launching of four pilot partner publications: Ant, Spider, Bee, Citizen Science Today,, and PLOS Collections.  PressForward 3 will support the development of 11 new publications from a diverse group of new partners in the sciences.  These publications will not only produce high quality scholarly material for a range of audiences, but also demonstrate the strengths and value of PressForward for science communities.  In the next year, look for new publications from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Oregon Health and Sciences University, the Council for the Advancement of Science Writing, the Deep Sea Biology Society, HABRI Central, the Parson’s Journal of Information Mapping, the Open Scholarship Initiative, Lewis and Clark College, the University of Wisconsin, and Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole.  Throughout the next several months, we will share profiles of these important organizations and preview their ambitious new projects.

The next three years are an opportunity to grow and shape PressForward based on extensive utilization across many fields, strategies, and philosophies. PressForward will be creating customized workshops for organizations that would like to learn about integrating the tool into their online publications or making it available to their communities. Presentations at conferences and scholarly publications will continue to highlight the origins and goals of PressForward. Throughout, our team will continue to spearhead new and vital research into scholarly communication, providing opportunities to both teach and learn about collaboration on the web. 

One comment on “Announcing the Next Phase of PressForward!

  1. Craig on

    Following this project, it was stated that this tool is to be released.
    Personally I am excited at the idea for my personal study, perhaps research.
    Can you provide more information on expectations?


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