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PressForward in Librarianship Journal

FILE: /main/production/doc/data/assets/site/ir_journal/ Last month, Collaborative Librarianship published an article about PressForward and the communities that utilize the plugin. Learn more about the history and applications of PressForward and stay tuned for upcoming pieces about the technology behind the plugin and our current projects.   Read More: “Pressing Forward in Scholarly Communities”

How Do We Fix Scholarly Publishing? Global leaders meet at Mason to lay out a plan

FAIRFAX, Va. (April 20, 2016) – Business and research leaders from around the world will meet this week on the campus of George Mason University to begin laying the groundwork for a preferred future of research publishing. For years, universities have expressed concern over the escalating costs of academic journals while publishers have struggled to... Read more »

Announcing the Next Phase of PressForward!

The PressForward team is pleased to announce that the PressForward project has been awarded a three-year, $736,042 grant by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. PressForward, launched in 2011 by the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, is an innovative scholarly communication research project that is researching methods and developing technologies to facilitate scholarly... Read more »

Science Communication Blog Talks PressForward

We recently caught up with our friends at improvscience, an organization committed to helping scientists better communicate their research and enthusiasm. Like PressForward, their work is the centerpiece of not only engagement efforts, but also community building and facilitation. Read more about their efforts and thoughts about PressForward: Excitement for PressForward.

PressForward-Powered PLOS Collections Launches Today!

Today sees the relaunch of the fourth and final publication of the original lineup of PressForward partners, PLOS Collections, with a brand new look and features. So what’s new and what can it do? Victoria Costello of the PLOS Blogs Network explains how this powerful and eclectic source of science discovery serves the research community. ~ A new design: The... Read more »

Science and Technology Magazine Profiles PressForward

International Innovation, a magazine featuring breakthroughs and insights into the most pressing, interesting, and relevant trends in science and technology, has published a profile of PressForward. To learn more about the the project’s development and future, read and share the profile on the International Innovation website.

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