Author: Joan Fragaszy Troyano

PressForward Workshop and Brown Bag with Public Philosophy Journal

On June 26, 2014 PressForward will offer a free workshop on the PressForward Plugin and host a brown bag presentation by the Public Philosophy Journal, which uses PressForward to curate content. Both events will take place at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media on the George Mason University Fairfax campus. Beginning at 9:30am in Research 402, the workshop... Read more »

Guide to Curating Scholarship from the Open Web: Part 4

This Guide to Curating Scholarship from the Open Web introduces the intellectual and practical considerations for initiating and sustaining a collaboratively-edited publication that sources and distributes scholarship on the open web. Part Four provides an overview of the technical and editorial processes of the weekly curated publication Digital Humanities Now as a reference. Continue Reading.

Prototyping a Curated Scholarly Publication: Digital Humanities Now

Is it possible for scholars to scan the rapidly growing corpus of scholarship available on the open web? How can communities identify relevant and timely materials and share these discoveries with peers? Anyone who tries to stay current with new research and conversations in their field -- ourselves included -- faces an overwhelming amount of material scattered across the web. For the past three years the PressForward team has been experimenting with methods for catching and highlighting web-based scholarly communication by concurrently developing our Digital Humanities Now (DHNow) publication and our PressForward plugin for WordPress. Read about how we prototyped a scalable and reproducible publication model here.

Scholarly Communication, the Web Way – A New Blog Series

With this post we begin a new series on the PressForward blog that reflect on three years of research on sourcing and circulating scholarly communication on the open web. In the coming weeks we will share our discoveries, processes, and code developed through rapid prototyping and iterative design: the PressForward plugin for WordPress; the collaboratively-edited weekly publication Digital Humanities Now; and the experimental overlay Journal of Digital HumanitiesWe hope these resources will encourage and assist others who wish to collect, select, and share content from the web with an engaged community of readers. Read more here.

Journal of Digital Humanities 3.1: “Exploring and Designing Virtual Worlds” Now Available

The eighth issue of the Journal of Digital Humanities is now available online, with options to download as epub, PDF, or iBook. What can we learn from the creation and exploration of a virtual world? The impulse to create imagined spaces occupies a longstanding tradition in the humanities. Whether it be Plato's Cave or Mount Olympus or Yoknapatawpha, virtual landscapes hold out the promise to expand our human capacities to create, to imagine, and to analyze beyond our physical constraints. Advancements in computational media enable the production of increasingly sophisticated, multimodal technologies that in turn raise new ethical, political, and methodological questions for humanities scholars. This eighth issue of the Journal of Digital Humanities offers multiple perspectives on the digital and physical worlds we create, inhabit, and study.

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