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Journal of Digital Humanities 2.2: Expanding Communities of Practice

The sixth issue of the Journal of Digital Humanities is now available online, with options to download as epub, PDF, or iBook. The materials featured in this sixth issue of the Journal of Digital Humanities expose "communities of practice" in digital humanities beyond the constellations of people and institutions directly engaged in experimental and digitally-inflected scholarship. Communities of practice, socially constructed groups that form around shared interests or crafts, often generate forms of tacit knowledge that circulate informally. What distinguishes the works herein is their articulation of tacit knowledge produced during the course of project development. While they originate in diverse sites of digital humanities scholarship, these project strategically engage contingent audiences. Furthermore, each details conscious decisions that tailor its approach to collaborative creation and implementation. Read the rest of the sixth issue of the Journal of Digital Humanities here.

PressForward welcomes Stephanie Westcott!

We are very excited to have Stephanie Westcott join the PressForward team. Stephanie has worked in the publishing and communication fields in addition to teaching American history for the University of Wisconsin. Stephanie is an historian of popular culture, and received her PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012. At RRCHNM, Stephanie will help manage Digital Humanities Now and Journal of Digital Humanities, as well as conduct outreach for the PressForward plugin and project.

THATCamp Publishing!

THATCamp Publishing is a free, one-day unconference on June 19 open to publishers, librarians, faculty and students, archivists, museum professionals, interested amateurs, technologists, administrators, and funders from the nonprofit and for-profit sectors — any and all who want to advance scholarly publishing in and for a digital age.

Spatial Demography Releases First Issue

PressForward is pleased to announce the release of the inaugural issue of Spatial Demography, a new publication focused on the spatial analysis of demographic processes. This cross-disciplinary work involves modern demographic data visualization, enhanced geo-referenced data availability, and spatial statistics, facilitated through full color graphics, motion video tools, and a quick time-to-publication.

Journal of Digital Humanities 2.1: Topic Modeling Now Available

The fifth issue of the Journal of Digital Humanities is now available online, with options to download as epub, PDF, or iBook. The advancement of scholarship relies on the timely communication of questions, methods, results, and reflections. The iterative publications Digital Humanities Now and the Journal of Digital Humanities are intended to facilitate this process. DHNow surfaces and distributes the conversations weekly in order to invite participation and feedback. The Journal of Digital Humanities then identifies the conversations that need a stable landing on which to pause and reflect before continuing onward.

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