Experimenting with Aggregated Conference Proceedings

PressForward is experimenting with aggregating real-time conference proceedings for the 2012 Museum Computer Network meeting in Seattle this week. We are trying to build a replicable model for generating inexpensive digital conference proceedings to demonstrate how a museum, library, archive, or scholarly society can aggregate digital materials from symposia, meetings, conferences, and other public programs organized at their home institution, professional association, and/or enthusiast communities into one publication. After the conference is over, selections from the aggregated materials can be arranged for more formal publication, as demonstrated by the Proceedings of the Museum Computer Network 2011 Meeting.

As we explain in more detail on the site, we use WordPress as the base content management system to aggregate presentations uploaded to SlideShare, videos posted to YouTube, panel and meeting conversations on Twitter, and images from Flickr and Instagram. We are also grabbing individual blog posts identified through automated web searches using Google Alerts. WordPress allows for easy publication to the web and distribution through RSS. WordPress and the Anthologize plugin also enable the preparation of ePub and PDF files that are portable and printable.

The Proceedings of MCN 2011 and 2012 are a collaboration between PressForward team – Joan Fragaszy Troyano, Jeri Wieringa, and Sasha Hoffman – and RRCHNM colleague Sheila Brennan.


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