PressForward is a free WordPress plugin that makes it possible for you to turn your website into an online resource, centralizing news and information on topics important to you in one place. When you create a content hub, you also create a website that informs readers, nurtures communities, and makes the most important news and information more accessible.


Acting as an RSS reader as well as a content curator, PressForward allows you to collect the articles published by your favorite websites in one place. Once RSS feeds from those sites are added to PressForward, the plugin will begin pulling in items for you to review. Organized chronologically so you are always up to date, each article can be read without ever leaving your WordPress dashboard.

PressForward also features a “Nominate This” bookmarklet that makes it possible to collect the information and stories you see and love on the web with a single click. Just drag the bookmarklet from your WordPress dashboard (under “Tools”) to your browser’s toolbar and click it when you see an article or news item you want to save. Later, you can find it in your PressForward dashboard’s “Nominated” panel, so you can read it, discuss it, or publish it to your own site. “Nominate This” also lets you nominate a site’s RSS feed directly to PressForward so that, in the future, all that site’s publications come straight to you.


With PressForward, feeds, items, and ideas can be easily organized. Tag your feeds to add them to folders, making it easy to find items brought into the plugin by subject or source. With so many articles and news items, it can be easy to lose you place or lose track of an important post. PressForward allows you mark an item as read, star an item you want to return to later, and hide or delete items you no longer want to see.

Whether your publication is the result of a community of contributors or your own editorial vision, the PressForward plugin also includes a commenting option that allows you to keep track of the thoughts, ideas and suggestions that each piece inspires. Just click the commenting icon, and you can add a comment or note that will attach to the article. If there’s more than one editor, you can discuss the piece and make decisions about its suitability for your website.


The PressForward Plugin will send any content you select to the WordPress dashboard. From there, you can publish the piece to your own website (with attribution and within limits allowable by copyright law, of course), format the way it will look on your site, and choose the images you would like to include.

PressForward also offers a WordPress theme that makes it easier to highlight important posts and organize news and announcements into categories. Designed to complement the workflow of PressForward, our Turnkey theme aids scholars in quickly creating easily customizable PressForward publications.

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