Introducing American History Now

American History Now is a new PressForward publication and part of a broad effort to reconceive scholarly communication to suit the digital age. It combines some elements of a traditional scholarly journal, particularly the idea of vetting by an editorial board, with new forms of community made possible by digital media. American History Now aims to address some of the shortcomings and limits of print journals. We’d like to end the multi-year delay before reviews appear. We’d like to promote open, lively dialogue about commonly used books. And most important, we’d like to create a space for re-thinking scholarly communication. We’d like to make peer review a more open process, and to facilitate the kind of vital intellectual discussion that happens in small seminars, in the halls outside conference rooms, and in conversation between friends and colleagues. If you have work that doesn’t fit anywhere else, or ideas you’d like to discuss, American History Now has a place for you.

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