MicroBEnet Launches PressForward!

The second of the original PressForward pilot partners, microBEnet, has relaunched their website with PressForward integration. Already an active resource for those invested and interested in the microbiology of the built environment, microBEnet has used PressForward to extend their reach and include more community members in the selection of content for their site. The microBEnet team, based out of Jonathan Eisen’s lab at the University of California-Davis, with project managers Holly Bik and David Coil in the lead, released the following statement about the collaboration with PressForward:

The microbiology of the built environment network (microBEnet) has relaunched our website having integrated Press Forward into our workflow. Our website features a regular blog and numerous resources related to both microbiology and building science. The goal of the microBEnet project is to increase collaboration and communication among stakeholders in these fields and the public. While continuing to produce our blog, we are using PressForward to help us collate content from around the web related to microbiology and building science. We are excited to be using Press Forward to achieve this goal. The nomination aspect of PressForward will allow us to involve a bigger pool of people in creating content for our website. Currently, we utilize a number of guest bloggers, but for people who don’t have the time or inclination to craft a blog post, sorting through PressForward feeds and nominating posts of interest for our core team to consider has great appeal. In particular, since our project is multidisciplinary, we are excited at the ability to bring information from multiple fields into one location on our site.

Funding for microBEent comes from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation through their “Microbiology of the Built Environment Program”. Much of the implementation and integration has been undertaken by Simon Dvorak thought Academic Technology Services at UC Davis. Special thanks to Stephanie Westcott and the rest of the PressForward team for support and inclusion as a pilot project.

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