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PressForward tests methods for aggregation, curation, and crediting of scholarly communication on the open web through our experimental publications. We also help scholarly communities from the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities initiate or enhance their web-first publications. Potential editors interested in developing an experimental publication should fill out our questionnaire and then contact us.

dhnow_logoDigital Humanities Now takes the pulse of the digital humanities community, discerning which articles, blog posts, projects, tools, collections, and announcements are worthy of greater attention. Through a process of aggregation and editorial review, DHNow highlights the best scholarship—in whatever form—that drives the field of digital humanities field forward. (Edited by Lindsey Bestebreurtje, Sasha Hoffman, Amanda Morton, Lisa M. Rhody, Benjamin Schneider, Joan Fragaszy Troyano, Stephanie Westcott, and Jeri Wieringa)


Journal of Digital HumanitiesThe Journal of Digital Humanities (ISSN 2165-6673) is a comprehensive, peer-reviewed, open access journal that features the best scholarship, tools, and conversations produced by the DH community in the previous quarter. The Journal provides three additional layers of evaluation, review, and editing to the pieces initially identified by DHNow. (Edited by Joan Fragaszy Troyano, Lisa M. Rhody, and Stephanie Westcott)


gpdh_largeGlobal Perspectives on Digital History provides a platform for the increasingly international, multi-lingual work of digital history to be shared, discussed, and used across national boundaries, allowing digital historians to submit, translate, curate, and comment upon new scholarship together. (Edited by Mills Kelly and Jan Hodel)


American History NowAmerican History Now offers professional historians and serious practitioners a new format for historical scholarship, one rooted in the traditions of the profession — its standards, its criteria for evidence and citation and reasoned argument — but adapted to the possibilities of the online environment. (Edited by Mike O’Malley)


spatial_demography (1)Spatial Demography focuses on the spatial analysis of demographic processes. This cross-disciplinary work involves modern demographic data visualization, enhanced geo-referenced data availability, and spatial statistics, facilitated through full color graphics, motion video tools, and a quick time-to-publication. (Edited by Frank M. Howell and Jeremy Porter)


thatcamp_square_logo_1Proceedings of THATCamp provides a home for the currently decentralized outpouring of scholarly production—including blog posts, collaborative documents, and practical guides—spawned by more than 1000 scholars in more than 40 THATCamp “unconferences” worldwide. (Edited by Amanda French)


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