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Arceli was created in recognition that the Internet allows astronomers to publish useful material outside of traditional journals but does not yet provide an effective mechanism for these communications to be archived, indexed and cited. Arceli acts as a facilitator for archiving communications on behalf of authors and providing a structure that the NASA/SAO Astrophysics Data Service (ADS) can index. Arceli is envisioned as an archive of alt-publications relevant to the professional astronomy community, including tutorials and how-tos, editorials and commentary, and research blogging.

Arceli uses the PressForward plugin to facilitate the curation of materials that are then submitted to Zenodo, an online repository, where it can be assigned a DOI and be indexed by the ADS. By using these tools, Arceli will preserve the informal communications many astronomers rely upon and make them discoverable and citable.

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PressForward Launch: 2018

Mission Statement

"The Arceli Project publishes informal, scholarly, astronomy content to create a bridge between grey literature (such as blogs) and the formal corpus of scientific publications in the Astrophysics Data System (ADS) in order to allow authors to give and receive credit for their contributions to the discipline and to preserve this scholarship for future use."

Publication Staff

Kelle Cruz (Director) and team members Daina Bouquin, Aram Zucker-Scharff, Lars Holm Nielsen, Jonathan Sick, Meredith Rawls, Alberto Accomazzi, Adrian Price-Whelan, Arfon Smith, August Muench, David Hogg, Dan Foreman-Mackey, Lia Corrales, Erini Lambrides, Elisabeth Newton, Jake Vanderplas, Chris Erdmann, and Sarah Kendrew.

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