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Published monthly, Citizen Science Today is an online publication dedicated to work that highlights or depends upon the work of non-professionals in the scientific process. Citizen Science relies on volunteers to contribute to a variety of research projects, often using digital platforms like Zooniverse, an affiliated citizen science platform. The popularity and success of citizen science has resulted in an increasing quantity of literature in a variety of formats, from blog posts to journal articles. Citizen Science Today seeks to capture that literature, making it available to those most interested, including the citizen scientists who volunteer their time to make it possible.

Citizen Science Today relies on a group of editors-at-large to review and nominate work they believe will be of interest to the citizen science community. The site features published work in the following categories: research with citizen science, research on citizen science, methods, designs and computing, ethics and policy, and news. By crowdsourcing the best work in these categories, Citizen Science Today relies on the same spirit of inclusion and collaboration that makes citizen science itself so successful.

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PressForward Launch: 2015

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Citizen Science – taken very broadly, the involvement of non-professionals in the scientific process – is increasingly important to researchers in fields ranging from astrophysics to zoology. The widespread use of digital technology means that anyone can contribute to and access vast reservoirs of scientific data, and collaborations between networks of volunteers spring up daily. This expanding mode of collaboration has, in turn, attracted attention from researchers studying human computer interaction, from sociologists and economists, from internet gurus to museum staff as well as amongst scientists themselves. Keeping track of this multifarious literature is difficult, and this is where Citizen Science Today comes in....CST is an experimental publication which highlights good writing and clear-sighted scholarship related to citizen science, wherever it may come from.

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Lucy Fortson, Editor-in-Chief, Andrea Siminstad, Managing Editor

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