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The Center for Data Arts at The New School publishes Data Matters, an online resource dedicated to engaging with data in order to help fulfill the Center’s mission to interpret information through art and design. According to the CDA, “…Data Matters…is a wide open platform for examining data’s many crucial and disparate roles, offering analytical, critical, and creative perspectives on the rapidly evolving state of data arts.”

Data Matters publishes a combination of both new material generated by the staff and faculty of the Center for Data Arts and aggregated content pulled in by the PressForward plugin. With posts in categories as disparate as wearable tech and social justice, Data Matters brings together the wide world of data interpretation and management in a publication inspired by, and hoping to inspire, the quickly changing information environment in which we live.

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PressForward Launch: January, 2018

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The Center for Data Arts at The New School engages with data as both a subject and a medium for artistic expression. CDA’s artist-led team believes that data can only be understood in its social, cultural, and economic context and brings an artist’s toolkit to data problems in the real-world. CDA applies research, creative experimentation, and radical conceptual frameworks to its core mission: interpreting today’s information landscape through art and design.

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