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The Deep-Sea Biology society re-launched its website using its PressForward funding and support. The new version of the site utilizes PressForward to aggregate news of interest to the society and enable volunteer editors to review and publish that content. The Deep-Sea Biology Society’s original website was founded by a group of deep-sea biologists interested in providing their community with a professional organization and a central site for communication and publication. The re-launch allows its 300+ active researchers to participate in content aggregation and dissemination using WordPress and the PressForward plugin.

By providing the deep-sea community with a forum for conversation and publication, the Deep-Sea Biology Society encourages engagement with the science of deep-sea environments and serves as a platform for the on-going discussion of deep-sea biology in the 21st century. The Society’s updated site also brings the group into conversation with popular interest in extreme deep-sea environments and furthers discussion of growing anthropogenic threats to these environments.

In practice, the Society calls upon its members to volunteer for a variety of roles essential to the publication’s success. Volunteers help manage the site; nominate and curate content such as relevant journal articles, calls for participation, job ads, etc.; and then publish that content to As experts in their field, these volunteers select and publish the most relevant content for the Society’s diverse group of members and help to facilitate discussion surrounding the topics and concerns raised by news items and publications.

Creating and maintaining an active, volunteer-run publication that engages both scientists and a popular community interested in deep-sea environments reflects the Deep-Sea Biology Society’s dedication to conservation and education.

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PressForward Launch: 2016

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The Deep-Sea Biology Society aims to promote deep-sea biological sciences and conservation by ensuring open forums for scientists, engaging the public and policy makers, and ensuring demographic diversity among scientists.

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Holly Bik (DSBS Vice President for Public Affairs & Communications, Craig McClain (DSBS President)

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