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MicroBEnet is an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation-funded project that emerged out of Jonathan A. Eisen’s lab at the University of California-Davis. Focused on the microbiology of the built environment, microBEnet works to foster communication and collaboration in microbiological research among interested researchers and members of the public. Using PressForward, Eisen’s lab has worked with collaborators, including Hal Levin at the Building Ecology Research Group, to build an interdisciplinary online community focused on their branch of microbiology.

MicroBEnet strives to be an online resource for those interested in the microbiology of the built environment and features blog posts and news on pre-established major themes, including methods and tools, buildings and building science, antimicrobials and resistence, and citizen science and microbiology. Students in Eisen’s lab contribute nominations and original content, making PressForward a teaching tool as well as a publishing tool.

MicroBEnet is part of a larger Alfred P. Sloan initiative that focuses on the microbiology of the built environment through the establishment of a research center, a research consortium, a data analysis core, and a communication network, microBEnet. MicroBEnet’s use of PressForward brings together two Sloan-funded programs in order to foster communication and collaboration among researchers and public stakeholders.

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PressForward Launch: 2015

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MicroBEnet’s main goals are to “catalyze communication and collaboration among researchers funded in the Sloan Program on the Indoor Environment, reach out to researchers in related fields (e.g., microbial ecology, building sciences) and provide them with resources that would help them begin to study microbiology of the built environment, and Provide outreach to “stakeholders” outside of these fields.”

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