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The Open Scholarship Initiative is a multi-year, global, grant-funded effort to improve scholarly communication and access to information across institutional boundaries, between researchers, policy makers, and the public. A partnership between the Science Communication Institute (SCI) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Open Scholarship Initiative asks stakeholders to work together to solve the most salient problems in scholarly communication.

A key component in OSI’s approach to creatively considering issues in scholarly communication is collaboration and communication among participants in the yearly conferences, where work groups gather to present concrete suggestions and responses to challenges at hand. The PressForward plugin allows the group to pull together reports, posts, and ideas throughout the year, from stakeholder blogs, twitter feeds and the OSI listserv. With over 380 leaders from more than 250 institutions, OSI uses PressForward as just one tool that helps bridge the gaps as they try to improve scholarly communication in the digital age.

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PressForward Launch: 2016

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UNESCO and the Science Communication Institute joined forces in early 2015 to create the Open Scholarship Initiative. The goal was to lay out a 10-year plan for developing a new and robust framework for direct communication and cooperation among all nations and stakeholders in order to improve scholarly communication, beginning with scholarly publishing and the issues that surround it. OSI’s approach involves not only discussing solutions that work across stakeholder groups and countries but also building a stronger foundational case for open that all stakeholders agree with and support.

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Glenn Hampson, OSI program director

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