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UW-Madison’s College of Agriculture and Life Sciences‘ STEM Diversity Network is designed to connect students and faculty members and keep underrepresented students, faculty, and staff up-to-date with relevant articles and news items. Using PressForward as an aggregator, the Network can filter and curate articles about science, diversity, and other related issues that are directly connected with UW-Madison and beyond.

The STEM Diversity Network’s goal is to provide a central source for resources and opportunities that will enable students to succeed in STEM fields. The network also connects students with faculty members who are advocates for diversity and with advice—written by other students—on how to integrate into UW’s large student population.

Working on constructing the STEM Diversity Network’s site taught students and staff members about web development. Students working on the site also have the opportunity to publish their own work on topics related to STEM diversity and can use the site as a forum for communication with incoming student populations.

The STEM Diversity Network provides UW-Madison students and faculty with a way to connect with each other and keep up with new developments in the field and facilitates outreach to the general public. Most importantly, it gives the student population a way to make their voices heard and faculty a way to provide support for incoming students.

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PressForward Launch: 2016

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While several programs on campus offer support to students, faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds, the STEM Diversity Network is a place designed to help all interested in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) careers specifically. This network exists to aid the academic and social advancement of students (undergrad, grad, postdocs) in STEM by providing students with connections to other students, faculty, and resources available to help them succeed.

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