Pilot Partner Profile: HABRI Central

Mission Statement

HABRI Central is an online platform that strives to promote understanding of the human-animal bond by providing access to human-animal bond scholarship, contextualizing that information and its implications, and engaging those who are in positions to make use of that knowledge.


HABRI Central

HABRI Central connects a diverse group of researchers, practitioners and policy-makers interested in understanding the human-animal bond. This audience then uses the information and connections provided by HABRI Central to share knowledge within the scientific community. By incorporating a PressForward-based workflow and curation process, HABRI will be able to serve that community by providing content and important commentary on the human-animal bond in ways that take advantage of a wide range of digital publications and online news services.

By expanding their content web, HABRI will be able to provide meaningful content to all of its users, while still maintaining an editorial voice and a curated body of information, and allowing its audience to participate in their community-based knowledge-sharing. By further connecting researchers, scientists, and policy-makers with research on the human-animal bond, HABRI Central hopes to encourage the creation of new, more informed science and policy.

We look forward to the launch of the Press Forward component of HABRI Central this fall.

Publication Staff

Christopher Charles, Project Manager; Marcy Wilhelm-South, Digital Repository Specialist; Alan Beck, Principal Investigator; Peter Froehlich, Principal Investigator

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