Pilot Partner Profile: Lewis & Clark College Environmental Studies Program

Mission Statement

Environmental studies situates environmental problems and solutions in a scholarly context, working alongside other academic disciplines to build a more livable world.


Environment Across Boundaries (ENVX)

Lewis & Clark College’s Environmental Studies Program is using their PressForward grant and support network to create Environment Across Boundaries (ENVX) to encourage student engagement with the world of environmental scholarship. By training students as editors, the program provides them with the opportunity to not only learn more about their field of study, but also to communicate more effectively with other students.

Using PressForward, student editors of ENVX will produce introductions to and summaries of fellow students’ work, participating in scholarly communication in their field. These editors will gain important writing skills as they sum up and circulate content, and will be exposed to tools and techniques that will make them better digital scholars. Becoming an editor for ENVX places students at the forefront of online scholarly communication in environmental studies.

The Environmental Studies Program is committed to encouraging creativity and engagement. The structure of their publication requires students to think and work in a way that moves them beyond traditional scholarly communication, and toward a new model of content creation. Student editors of Environment Across Boundaries gain a powerful editorial voice in their field, as well as the opportunity to use PressForward’s RSS feeds to keep abreast of new work in environmental studies.

We look forward to the launch of Environment Across Boundaries later this year.

Publication Staff

Nate Stoll (ENVS administrative coordinator and ENVX managing editor), Jim Proctor (PI/coordinator)

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