PressForward 3.3 Update

The PressForward team is pleased to announce the release of PressForward 3.3, an update to our WordPress plugin that enables the aggregation of RSS and ATOM feeds and the curation of web publications.

This update includes enhancements to usability and the user interface. Changes provide the ability to: show hidden items on the ‘All Content’ browse page, upload OPML files in the ‘Add Feeds’ panel, return an item to the pre-readability state in the full screen mode, provide option to turn off alerts and to change the retention time for feeds. In addition to usability and user interface updates, 3.3 enhancements improve the speed of the plugin.

Other updates include improvements to moving a nominated item’s metadata into a draft, the appearance of the action buttons in list and grid view, and limiting the number of times an individual user is able to nominate a single item.

PressForward was publicly released on June 2, 2014.  It can be installed or updated directly from the WordPress plugins panel or by downloading the plugin from our GitHub repository and uploading it through your FTP client. We welcome your feedback on our support page. For more information on the changes see the GitHub summary for milestones 3.2 and 3.3.

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