PressForward 3.4 Update

The PressForward team is pleased to announce the release of PressForward 3.4, an update to our WordPress plugin that enables the aggregation of RSS / ATOM feeds and the curation of web publications.

This update includes enhancements to usability, the user interface, as well as some major bug fixes. Several bugs related to filtering or sorting content were fixed, and the nomination counter from “All Content” will increase correctly in the “Nominated” panel.

Some of the other major changes include:

  • A “Tools” panel has been added.
  • Introduction of folders for feeds: Individual feeds can be added to folders in the “Subscribed Feeds” panel. ¬†Items in “All Content”¬†can then be filtered by folder.
  • The “Nominate This” bookmarklet has moved from “Add Feeds” to “Tools.”
  • The “Under Review” panel has been renamed “Nominated.”
  • Refinements to sorting and filtering in the “All Content” and “Nominated” views.
  • The “Subscribed Feeds” panel now displays the time and date of the last update on a feed.
  • Items can now be un-nominated by clicking again on the green nominate button in All Content
  • Administrators can now set the number of days to retain feed items.
  • Users now have the option to use pagination or infinite scroll in the “All Content” panel.
  • Feed alerts can now be either deleted or dismissed.
  • Items older than one week, two weeks, one month, or one year can now be archived in the “Nominated” panel.

PressForward was publicly released on June 2, 2014. It can be installed or updated directly from the WordPress plugins panel or by downloading the plugin from our GitHub repository and uploading it through your FTP client. We welcome your feedback on our support page. For more information on the changes see the GitHub summary for milestone 3.4.

3 comments on “PressForward 3.4 Update

  1. Ellen on

    I don’t know if I’m caught in the middle of this, but I just nominated a bunch of my student feeds, and then sent to draft, but none of them are showing up in my drafts in WordPress. It has worked fine all semester but not today. I tried refreshing, tried checking again several times, and nothing.

  2. Amanda Regan on

    Hi Ellen, thanks for letting us know about this. We had not noticed this but will look into it right away and let you know when we have a fix.


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