PressForward 3.6 Release

The PressForward team is excited to announce the release of PressForward 3.6, an update to our WordPress plugin that helps you collect, discuss, and share content from the web.  This update increases the available methods of aggregating and organizing content with the introduction of new OPML (Outbound Processor Markup Language) features.

OPML files allow users to automatically exchange lists of RSS / Atom feeds, like blogrolls, and OPML file subscriptions allow followers to receive automatic updates to that list. Now, with PressForward 3.6, users can import OPML files with associated tags, subscribe to an OPML link, and generate outbound OPML files for others to follow.  OPML file subscription improves PressForward administrators’ ability to manage their feed lists by automatically detecting additions or changes made to an OPML without requiring an update by the PressForward administrator. When administrators import an OPML file, it will recognize feed tags and create folders for them in the PressForward All Content area, improving users’ ability to organize and find available content.

By allowing administrators to publish their subscription list as an OPML link, PressForward publications can more easily share and update their feed lists and folders, making changes automatically visible to followers.

In addition to these new features, 3.6 also includes numerous bug fixes and small enhancements. See below for a full listing of all features, enhancements, and bug fixes, or you can check out the GitHub milestone for more information.

Props to open-source developers who contributed to this milestone: James DiGioia and Douglas Linsmeyer.


New Features

  • Added the ability to subscribe to an OPML file.
  • OPML subscription imports any folders included in the OPML file.
  • Added preference field for minutes between feed retrieval cycles.
  • Added an OPML file link to Tools menu. Allows administrators to share their subscription list as an OPML file.
  • Users can select what post type and status nominations take on when they are sent to the next step.
  • User can subscribe to a site from the Nominate This bookmarklet.
  • If the site gives the META author property, that value will now automatically populate in the Nominate This bookmarklet.


  • Added edit link to the success/fail message when a feed is added.
  • Added an in browser screen that indicates loading when a large OPML is uploaded.
  • Added Folders and sorting by folders and feeds to the “Nominated” panel.
  • Layout enhancements to the Add Feeds and Tools panels.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where alerts weren’t closed upon successful feed retrieval.
  • Fixed bug causing “Nominated” usernames to repeat.
  • ‘Save Inactive’ in the “Edit Feed” page no longer saves the feed as ‘Pending’.
  • When sorting by ‘Last Time Feed Checked’ results now include unchecked feeds.
  • Fixed in-modal comments in Nominated panel.
  • Fixed bug where the Open Graph image was not being pulled in through nomination process.
  • Fixed bug related to insure PressForward properly hooks to the Yoast SEO plugin’s Open Graph and Canonical values.
  • Fixed bug where the author custom field was no longer overriding WordPress author.
  • Fixed bug where clean-up of old posts after user-set period was not cleaning up posts.

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