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The PressForward team is excited to announce the release of PressForward 3.7, an update to our WordPress plugin that helps you collect, discuss, and share content from the web. In addition to numerous bug fixes, this update brings refinements to the Subscribed Feeds panel and new features to the feed submission and management process.

The Subscribed Feeds Panel now includes visual cues that color alerted (red) and under review (yellow) feeds.

The Subscribed Feeds Panel now includes visual cues that color alerted (red) and under review (yellow) feeds.

This update refines the Subscribed Feeds panel by adding visual cues to represent alerted or pending feeds and helpful information such as a count of how many items have been retrieved from each feed. In the feed list colored backgrounds now indicate an alerted (red) or nominated (yellow) feed.  Additionally, a count of alerted feeds now appears in PressForward menu next to the Subscribed Feeds button making it easy to see how many feeds are alerted from anywhere in the WordPress dashboard. Lastly, this update brings a new level of user control to the feed retrieval process by adding the ability to manually refresh individual feeds from the Subscribed Feeds list.

When nominating a post with the Nominate This bookmarklet, the associated feed can be nominated by checking the "Nominate feed associated with item" checkbox.

PressForward 3.7 also refines the feed nomination process. When nominating a post with the Nominate This bookmarklet, users can opt to add the feed that is associated with the post. Feeds that are nominated through the bookmarklet now appear as “Under Review” in Subscribed Feeds allowing administrators to review and approve submissions.

In addition to these new features, 3.7 also includes numerous bug fixes and small enhancements. See below for a full listing of all features, enhancements, and bug fixes, or you can check out the GitHub milestone for more information.

Props to open-source developers who contributed to this milestone: Boone Gorges.



New Features:

  • Administrators and Contributors can now submit a feed through the Nominate This bookmarklet.  Feeds are drafted and appear in yellow as “Under Review” in Subscribed Feeds.
  • Created a template tag that can be added to a theme’s post template to reveal any internal PressForward comments on an item.
  • Added a “Filter by Drafted” option to both All Content and Nominated.
  • Added the ability to filter by unread items in All Content.
  • Individual feeds can now be manually refreshed in Subscribed Feeds.
  • The Site Redirect preference can now be overridden on a post by post basis in the Edit Post page.
  • Created a “Clean Up” button to trigger the deletion process of old feed items.
  • Leveraging the Heartbeat API, a new feed retrieval progress bar appears in the Tools menu and indicates where PressForward is in the feed retrieval process.


  • New column in Subscribed Feeds displays the total number of items retrieved from each feed.
  • The feed url is now displayed in the Subscribed Feeds list.
  • Alerted feeds now display the error message beneath the feed title in Subscribed Feeds.
  • A count of alerted feeds now displays next to the Subscribed Feeds menu item.
  • Alerted and pending feeds are now colored either red (alerted) or yellow (under review) in Subscribed feeds rather than appearing hidden.
  • Added an option to set Press Forward’s feed reader to ignore all alerts and never make the feed inactive.
  • Added an “Edit Feed” link to the success and failure messages in Add Feeds.
  • Adjusted transient feed IDs to prevent problems with adding, removing, and readding OPML files.
  • The archive action in Nominated is now a site wide action while the hide action in All Content is user specific.

Bug Fixes:

  • Archived items can now be unarchived.
  • Fixed bug where the Refresh button wasn’t showing responses outside of Debug mode.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the info box to remain open once the user has clicked out.
  • Fixed a bug where the scroll location would reset when opening the comments dialog box.
  • Fixed bug where the source link was sporadically generated for posts nominated or drafted using Nominate This.
  • Nominate This now generates an error message rather than failing when no HTML is found.
  • Fixed a bug where Send to Draft wasn’t working on some items.
  • Source link is now properly attached to Nominate This nominations.
  • Nominate This button styling updated.


3 comments on “PressForward 3.7

  1. Aram Zucker-Scharff on

    Note to all: there was a bug in our release process that caused an unintended bug to be released for about two hours after the initial release. The problem has been resolved. If you encountered a failure message or a white screen after install, please upgrade to the latest version on

  2. Jason on

    When I go to down load your plugin, there is a message from wordpress that says: Warning: This plugin has not been tested with your current version of WordPress. I just upgraded to wordpress 4.4, will the pluging work for this newest version of wordpress?

  3. Andrew Scott on

    Hi, love the plugin – please take a look at the support forum; I and other users have an issue accessing the Subscribed Feeds page to edit feeds. We get the message that we don’t have permission to access these posts. I am logged in as an admin. Thanks!


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