PressForward 3.8

Last week the PressForward team released PressForward 3.8. Our latest release includes numerous bug fixes and enhances the functionality of the Nominate This bookmarklet, user permissions, and OPML functionality. Notably, the functionality of the Send to Draft button, located in All Content, has been restored.

Also included in our latest version, is a new site preference that allows administrators to change the location of the source link from the bottom of an article to the top.  This preference allows users to highlight the original source. Props to Devin Balkind, an open source developer, who suggested making the location of the source link an option.

To see a list of all the changes and bug fixes in version 3.8, check out our GitHub milestone.



Bug fixes:

  • Restored “Send to Draft” functionality in All Content.
  • List view now has a white background to conform to accessibility standards.
  • Fixed a bug where the RSS-Quick add methodology would fail upon upload of an OPML that includes broken links.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Nominate This” bookmarklet failed when nominating the same article twice.
  • Fixed a user permissions error which prevented Author level contributors from adding a feed (when the Feeder menu preference was changed to allow author access).
  • Fixed a bug where the “Nominate” button appeared as “Submit for Review” for contributors in the Bookmarklet.
  • Ensured that feedly OPML’s will retrieve the title from each feed after submission.
  • Made adjustments to ensure that Gothamist and Medium articles can be nominated via the Nominate This bookmarklet
  • Changed quick edit post statuses to feed statuses in Subscribed Feeds.


  • A new option in preferences allows site administrators to change the location of the source link from the bottom of the post to the top.


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