PressForward 4.2: Announcing the Addition of PressForward API Endpoints

In PressForward 4.1 we announced the first step toward a set of PressForward API endpoints in conjunction with the WP-API. In 4.1 we added PressForward metadata to the post endpoint and today we’re excited to announce the addition of several new endpoints that expose PressForward metadata about feed items, feeds, and folders.

As we previously described, WordPress is moving toward integrating a RESTful API into its core. The API will “expose,” in a clearly defined and secure way, certain internal functions and data so that developers can use them in their own applications or websites. We’ll post more later about what the API means for our users and how you can activate and use the API on your site. In the meantime, you can read about how WordPress is moving towards becoming an application framework, and what that means, on the WP-API website.

New Endpoints

The most significant change in version 4.2 is the addition of a PressForward endpoint on the WP-API. PressForward now has a dedicated REST endpoint at `wp-json/pf/v1`. Feeds, feed items, and folders can all be accessed (as resources) through this new endpoint. Additionally the status of PressForward, including version and active modules is available at `/wp-json/pf/v1/status`. Users can utilize the API response to programmatically sort, filter, and view information about the content retrieved by a PressForward installation. The feed items resource contains metadata such as item date, item author, the original item link, and the date the item is retrieved, the id of the feed it was retrieved from, as well as the word count. The feed resource contains information about the feed such as title, link, the date last retrieved and which folders, if any, the feed belongs to.

Performance Enhancements

In addition, version 4.2 also includes several significant performance optimizations. Updates to an outdated jQuery library will increase the responsive speed of the user interface. Enhancements to the retrieval code and the post delete process will increase performance and lead to a slimmer overall database.

A list of all the changes in 4.2 can be found on our GitHub milestone.



  • Added feeds, feed items, and folders to the PressForward endpoint.
  • Optimized the the retrieval code.
  • Updated jQuery library and switched from jQuery Toggle to Click.
  • Enhancements to the post delete function.
  • Readability is now a stand alone class
  • Optimized overall Javascript features.
  • Optimized old item deletion.
  • Readability library optimized and cleaned for general release.
  • Improved relationship table install and check process.
  • PressForward post meta keys are now registered with WordPress Core functions.
  • Assured compatibility with 4.7
  • Optimized item link tracking for published posts.
  • Added additional checks for keywords to add to the tags in the Nominate This bookmarklet.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the bookmarklet from retrieving tags
  • Fixed an issue that caused the interface to stop functioning on Windows 8 touch screens.
  • Wordcounts recorded in post metadata are now accurate.
  • Fixed a conflict between PressForward and Jetpack.
  • Repaired broken unit test methodology.
  • A more useful error when Nominate This can’t add a post to the database.


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