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Host a “Train the Trainers” Workshop

PressForward isn’t merely software facilitating research communication on the web. The development of the project has always maintained three focal points simultaneously: technology, communication, and community. PressForward “Train the Trainers” workshops are opportunities to discuss the current landscape and barriers in scholarly communication and PressForward in the ecosystem it is designed for.

The workshops will not only teach participants how to develop a PressForward publication, but also how to train others to use the PressForward technology and methods. These workshops are aimed at key information and science communicators. In turn, these new trainers can reach out to wider communities and institutions to support the growing community of PressForward publications. “Train the Trainers” workshops cover an introduction to tools and open access scholarship, demonstrate how to create user training environments, provide hands-on experience, and teach trainers how to utilize GitHub and support forums, consequently making PressForward easier for new users and experienced trainers alike.

Registration for upcoming workshops will be open soon. If you are interested in hosting a “Train the Trainers” workshop at your institution, contact Eric Olson at

Host a PressForward Workshop

PressForward workshops are an ideal way to introduce your organization or team to both the PressForward tool and staff.  These unique, personalized opportunities include:

  • PressForward workshops are mobile information and demonstration sessions that come to you and are led by members of the PressForward team.  
  • The PressForward team will tailor a workshop to your organization’s needs. From technical training to mobilizing a community of editors, we can provide best practices and examples from a range of active PressForward publications.
  • Workshops include opportunities to explore and utilize PressForward. Participants will receive unique user profiles and access to all of PressForward’s features for testing.
  • New and upcoming publications have helped shape the software and the workshops. Your organization can also be part of the ongoing dialog about your field as well as the future of scholarly communication.
  • To apply for a PressForward workshop, send a brief description of your project, organization, or audience to

Develop a PressForward Publication

Researchers from all disciplines are encouraged to create new PressForward publications that use innovative methods to aggregate scholarship, white papers, multimedia content, and informal conversations published on the open web. Examples of PressForward publications include PLOS Collections, Ant, Spider, Bee, Citizen Science Today,, and Digital Humanities Now.

PressForward offers consultation and technical support to our community of users when possible, and PressForward publications will be featured on the PressForward website. Publication editors are invited to PressForward events and to assist in testing and improving the PressForward plugin.

Interested groups should contact us at info[at] to schedule a discussion of publication goals, resources available, and steps toward launching a PressForward publication.

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