Spatial Demography Releases First Issue

PressForward is pleased to announce the release of the inaugural issue of Spatial Demography [ISSN: 2164-7070 (online)], a new publication focused on the spatial analysis of demographic processes. This cross-disciplinary work involves modern demographic data visualization, enhanced geo-referenced data availability, and spatial statistics, facilitated through full color graphics, motion video tools, and a quick time-to-publication.

The journal publishes research articles, essays, research reports, data sources, computing software, teaching notes, and book reviews on a wide range of topics of interest to the social demographer. In addition to being an online journal, Spatial Demography also hosts a Forum to encourage topical conversation in general and on specific articles featured in Spatial Demography.

Edited by Frank M. Howell and Jeremy Porter, along with an impressive Editoral Board, the site was developed by Sasha Hoffman of the PressForward team. The journal is available online at

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